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HOW IT WORKS - USERSQneo (Q-knee-oh) is a mobile (and desktop) app that sends out 3 notifications every day - 6 a.m., 11 a.m., and 4 p.m.
As soon as a notification happens, you'll have 5 hours to view the deals - what we call Q's. If you like them, you bank them. But do it quickly because once the 5 hours are up, those deals are gone!
But have no fear because another set of deals have just been sent to you! Once a deal is saved, you'll have a week to use it - and if you don't....bye bye deal!
You won't find any national chains, stores and companies using Qneo. That's because we aim to promote and support local businesses. There's plenty of great small, local shops in your community, so use Qneo, check them out, and save money while doing it!
Welcome to the most cost effective advertising platform for your small, locally owned business!
First, you need to create an account. We will be in contact with you shortly after to set up a short, 15-20 minute training session where we show you the easy-to-use platform for creating and uploading your Q's.
Once you're trained, you'll have access to our private Facebook group where you'll be able to ask questions, collaborate with other local business owners, and more! This gives you a direct line of contact to the Qneo for Businesses community!
=> Accurate metrics showing how your Q's are performing each month
=> Pay as you go advertising. No subscriptions or hidden fees. Purchase each Q individually and keep the profits!
=> In-app profile page for your business
=> Your own personal library of previously used Q's
=> and more!
Other than offering the most cost-effective advertising platform for small and locally owned businesses, Qneo also aims to promote and strengthen the educational environment for underprivileged youth within each community.
We donate a portion of each Q purchased to a local organization that provides anything from clothing, to transportation, to food.